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Huntington Base Ball Club

HBBC Leather Conditioner + Dauber Kit

HBBC Leather Conditioner + Dauber Kit

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HBBC Leather Conditioner + Dauber Kit

Huntington Base Ball Co. Leather Conditioner and Dauber Kit

  • Includes One Dauber and One Tin of Conditioner

A well-earned surface is the goal with any leather good and the HBBC conditioner is specifically formulated to help build and maintain a beautiful patina.

Use it on your baseball glove as part of your regular upkeep. Works great on vintage baseball gloves (or other vintage leathers) to give them a beautiful, maintained appearance. Psst - grandpappy's glove is probably screaming for some attention.

While baseball is what we use it for, it's certainly not limited to the diamond - use it on your boots and wallet, or any piece of hard working leather that could use some love. Apply with the HBBC dauber or a soft cloth and massage into the leather.

Free of petroleum derivatives and harsh chemicals, and has a clean leather scent. Made in the USA. Naturally.

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