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I love baseball....all things baseball.  My bucket list consists of seeing a game at each MLB stadium.  I'm slowly chipping away at my list as I plan vacations to purposely adventure to baseball cities across North America.

But do you know what else I love?  The memories of being a kid and feeling like summer was endless and there was never a bad day.  Mostly because I spent my summers with family outside...playing catch, running through the sprinkler, zipping down the Slip n' Slide and riding my bike to the park to play ball with the neighbourhood kids.

I grew up in Alberta, but I spent many summers back in southern Ontario at my Grandma and Grandpa's farm.  Some of my favourite memories were during harvest when we'd load up the truck and drive a full meal to the fields where we ate like kings and queens off the tailgate.  

Welcome to Tailgate Mercantile Co. where we are once again enjoying life in the slow lane, doing the things we love, with the people we care about.


Wrigley the WonderDog - Shop Dog 


Bark, bark, bark!

I really like hoomans, other doggos, playing at the park, splashing in the river, giving kisses and toys that I can destroy.  

The Shop...

We like to think the shop is part of "us".  We've shared many of our personal treasures in the shop so everyone can enjoy them!  There's a lounge area in the back of the shop and we welcome you to hang out for a bit.  Things are changing in the shop all the time so check back frequently (and talk baseball with Robyn and give Wrigley pets!).



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