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Huntington Base Ball Club

HBBC Bat Wax

HBBC Bat Wax

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Huntington Base Ball Co. Bat Wax

Use it on hand turned baseball bats to bring out a natural luster and to add a layer of protection from water and dirt. Works great to keep your gamer looking clean - a quick application and a buff can remove scratches and ball marks, or use it build a surface to enhance them.

While baseball is what we use it for, it's certainly not limited to the diamond - use it around the house on furniture or other wooden items to keep them looking their best. Apply with the HBBC dauber or a soft cloth and let dry. Buff it out with a clean cloth. For clear coated bats, allow extra dry time and be sure to turn your polishing cloth. The level of shine can be increased by repeating this simple process.

Free of petroleum derivatives and harsh chemicals, our wax has a clean, naturally derived pine scent.  Made in the USA. Naturally.

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