FAQS: Product Info

Where do you get your product?

We work directly with the different brands and wholesalers you see on our shelves! That means we are an authorized retailer for these brands.

When does your new stock come in?

We book (order) most of our inventory almost a year in advance. For example, we booked spring 2024 in spring of 2023. Most of our wholesalers have 2 major seasons for deliveries: fall and spring. A few of our brands are quarterly: spring, summer, fall, holiday. Fall usually arrives September-October-November while spring arrives March-April-May. Of course, we restock in between deliveries as well, but that stock isn’t guaranteed.

Can you do special orders?

It depends on the brand. Some of our brands allow us to order in small amounts while others require we buy a large number of multiples. Special orders are also dependent on what is available from our wholesalers at that particular time. Some stuff is seasonal so once it’s gone, it’s gone! Special order inquiries are welcome, but we can’t guarantee anything.

Do you carry soccer or lacrosse?

Sorry, neither soccer nor lacrosse are our jam. We specialize in baseball, basketball and a little bit of hockey. We’ve recently cut football from our roster as we’re just too small to carry all sports!

Is everything in-store online and vice versa?

For the most part, yes. There are a few exceptions like some of our handcrafted items are only in-store. Our collection “Online Exclusives” are only available online. And from time to time, some of the brands we work with have in-store only requirements.

How come I can't buy online exclusives in-store?

These designs are produced through a method called “Print on Demand”. That means when you order these items, they are custom-made just for you! This process allows you to have more options like fit, colour and style. It also reduces leftover product and allows us to create more unique designs. We know it’s not ideal to order online when you just want to grab them from the store which is why all of our Online Exclusives ship FREE to your home. We do our best to provide in-depth product descriptions and size information online. If you have questions or requests regarding our Online Exclusives, please feel free to reach out: info@tailgatemercantile.ca

Do you carry kids clothing?

No. It's very, verrrry rare that any of our wholesalers offer kids or youth clothing. Every once in a while we have hats and toques for kids.

How do things fit?

Each brand will fit slightly different and some styles within brands may differ. Best to check out our Size Guide Page.

Do you have fitted hats?


Why Not?

We are a small shop and we prefer to offer a variety of teams and hat styles rather than the same team/style but in multiple sizes. Plus, we don’t currently work with New Era who is the primary fitted hat producers in the sports industry.




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