FAQS: Custom Stuff

This is one of those custom clothing places, right?

Nope. Just a regular (but extremely awesome) store.

Are you sure this isn't an embroidery/print shop?

Seriously, we're just a regular store. We know it can be hard for people to understand, but we’re a boutique sports fan shop. We value high quality and unique goods rather than stuffing our shelves with inferior, cheesy products. Cheese is for eating, not wearing.

Do you do custom clothing?


Our owner, Robyn, is an experienced graphic designer and can certainly help with any design requests, but we don’t fulfill bulk or one-off custom clothing orders. We do have our own brand of clothing that is designed in house. If you would like Tailgate Mercantile Co. branded goods, contact us: info@tailgatemercantile.ca

Can you do special orders?

It depends on the brand. Some of our brands allow us to order in small amounts while others require we buy a large number of multiples. Special orders are also dependent on what is available from our wholesalers at that particular time. Some stuff is seasonal so once it’s gone, it’s gone! Special order inquiries are welcome, but we can’t guarantee anything.

How about custom art, signs and leather goods - do you do those?

YES! We have made several custom leather goods over the years. We've also made a number of custom signs/pieces of art for our fans. We welcome any inquiries: info@tailgatemercantile.ca



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