Tailgate Gift Guide: Hats

Tailgate Gift Guide: Hats

Tailgate Gift Guide: Hats

Hats can be a good gift...but the right style of hat? Now that makes a GREAT gift.  And it's not as hard as you may think.  There are a few key elements to note before buying a hat.


First, assess whether or not the giftee likes to wear hats.

Here's a basic flowchart to help:

1. Have you seen the giftee ever wear a hat?

If yes, got to question 2. If no, do NOT buy giftee a hat.

2. Does giftee wear a hat 50% or more of the time?

If yes, go to question 3. If no, do NOT buy giftee a hat.

3. Do you know what style of hat giftee likes?

If yes, buy a hat! If no, buy giftee a gift card ranging from $30-45 or go onto part 2 of our gift guide.


When buying a hat, pay attention to the fit details. There are 3 key elements to a hat:

1. The Brim

2. The Crown

3. The Closure

The Brim:

You may also call this the peak or bill of a cap. When buying a hat, brims are already in the shape and style they are meant to be worn. Flatbrim hats are not meant to be bent. Curved/Round brims are not meant to be flattened. But midbrims may be curved slightly more than their original shape.

The Crown:

This is the area that is above the brim across the forehead area. There are two styles - structured and unstructured. Structured crowns generally maintain their shape (height) when worn. Unstructured crowns will mold to the shape and size of the head. It's very rare to find a flatbrim hat with an unstructured crown. If ever in doubt, assume the crown is structured.

The Closure:

At Tailgate, we only carry adjustable or one size fits all style of hats. That means if you're looking for a fitted hat, sorry but we don't have any. We do have some hats that are called "Stretch Fit: One Size Fits All". Unless you know that this is the style of hat preferred, we don't recommend buying this style as a gift.

The most common closure styles are the snapback and strapback. The snapback is adjustable and clicks together at the preferred size. The strapback is also adjustable and has a slot on the side of the hat to tuck the "tail" in after adjusting it to your preferred size.  We also carry some adjustable velcro hats. These are fairly easy to fit most heads. In our online descriptions, we may list these simply as "adjustable".  




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If you ever feel you need help choosing a hat, please feel free to contact us. Or if you have suggestions of information that may be relevant for other customers, we welcome your feedback!


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