Tailgate DIY: Reupholstered Bar Stools

Tailgate DIY: Reupholstered Bar Stools

Tailgate DIY: Reupholstered Bar Stools

Nope, I'm not a professional upholsterer, just a gal with blah bar stools, cool fabric and a stapler.  If you want to take some stools from bad to badass, check out this easy to do DIY!

Before = Bad:

After = Badass:


1. Find amazing fabric!!! I scored this LA Dodgers and NY Mets fabric from my local Fabricland.  Admittedly, it was a fluke discovery that I just couldn't pass up even though I had no immediate plans for the fabric.  Despite not being meant for upholstery, this particular fabric works well because it is meant as a shell for jackets.  

rad MLB dodgers and mets fabric

dodgers fabric

mets fabric

2. Depending how the stool top is attached to the base, you'll want to gather your tools. In my case, a simple screwdriver, stapler and scissors were all I needed.

fabric and tools

3. Flip stool upside down and remove top from base. Set base to the side while you work on the top.

4. If you want to get fancy and sew a perfect cover, give'r. But I didn't feel like investing that much time.  I set the stool top upside down on the back side of my fabric.  Since the previous cover was quite thin, I just covered over the existing fabric. I'd like to tell you how much fabric you'll need but it truly depends on the size and shape of your own stools.  

Start stapling the fabric to the bottom of the stool top. Be sure to pull the fabric toight like a tiger as you go all the way around. You'll also add some pleats if it's a round stool like mine, but don't worry about making it perfect.  The most important part is keeping the fabric tight across the top because that's the part you'll see. And if you're like me, you'll use all the staples in the world because it's my stool and I'll do what I want!

5. Once you've covered the whole stool, you'll have some leftover fabric.  Cut the excess off fairly close to the staples.

6. Flip that bad boy over and check out your handy work, you master of crafting!

7. Re-attach the stool top to the base and enjoy your new stool.

Yay, crafting can be easy so long as you're cool with perfectly-imperfect :-)



"It's the pleats"






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