Tailgate Customs: Wood Signs

Tailgate Customs: Wood Signs

Tailgate Customs: Wood Signs

Did you know the idea for Tailgate came after I started making sport-themed wood signs?  I loved attending maker-markets but found there was never anything sports related.  So I started making some signs and other sports related decor to start my own side-gig selling at markets.  From there, I expanded the concept to be an all encompassing sport lifestyle boutique (yup, I made that up).  

I still make many wood signs and love to help make custom creations for YOU!  Some of my favourite signs have been surprise gifts that I've designed.  Most of my signs are inspired by real-life signage found at ballparks and arenas.  I do my best to re-create a sign as accurate as possible in font, colour, shape, etc.  Before I put paint to wood, I graphically design a sign and create a template from that.  It's a good way to get a visual of what the finished product will look like.  Once I've created an approved design, I handpaint that design complete with a finishing spray to protect the paint.  

Take a peek at some of the signs I've created in the past below...and feel free to reach out if you want a custom sign of your own or a copy of one I've already created! Feel free to message me on instagram @tailgatemercantile or email: info@tailgatemercantile.ca

Porch Welcome Signs:

Toronto Blue Jays Welcome Sign New York Mets Welcome Sign

LA Dodgers WElcome Sign Boston Red Sox Green Monster Welcome Sign

Cleveland Indians Welcome Sign Pittsburgh Pirates Welcome Sign

Ballpark, Stadium & Arena Inspired Signs:

Taylor Field - Saskatchewan Roughriders Sign Baseball Today Comiskey Park Chicago White Sox 

Dodgers Dogs Sign Warning Watch for Flying Pucks Sign

Green Monster Foul Pole Sign Boston Red Sox Green Monster Seats Sign Boston Red Sox

Hot Fenway Franks Sign Boston Red Sox Metrodome Sign Minnesota Twins

Honoured Number Signs:

Jackie Robinson 42 Brooklyn Dodgers Vlad Guerrero 27 toronto Blue jays 

Lanny McDonald 9 Calgary Flames Johnny Gaudreau 19 Sign Calgary Flames 

Babe Ruth 3 New York Yankees Sign Gary Carter new york mets sign


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