Tailgate Custom: Golf Putter Cover

Tailgate Custom: Golf Putter Cover

Tailgate Custom: Golf Putter Cover

I sold a repurposed hockey goalie pad wallet a while ago to someone in BC. He loved it so much that he asked if I took on custom leather requests and asked for a leather putter cover made from repurposed goalie gear. I said I'd give it a try! 

First, I developed my own pattern and tested it using sample leather. This was a critical step before committing to cutting up a piece of our precious hockey leather stock! 

Check out this video of the pattern and sample making process: 

@tailgatemercantile Request for a custom putter cover made from a hockey goalie’s pad. First step: make a template and test sample. #asmr #howto #golftiktok #hockeyboys #okotoks #hockeygoalie #custommade #leathermaker #leathercrafting ♬ Work It - Missy Elliott

 Once I tested that one out, I moved onto the real deal leather. Here's that video: 

@tailgatemercantile Make a finished putter cover with me! This custom request was made from vintage Cooper goalie pads. Check our website for hockey goalie wallets avail right now! #okotoks #asmr #puttercover #howtotiktok #howto #hockeyboys #hockeybro #golfpro #golfbros #hockeygoalie #goalietok ♬ EL NOPAL - Goliath Flores

When our customer received it in the mail, he said "The putter cover is amazing!" That type of feedback is so great to receive as I love the challenge of new custom requests.

If you have any custom leather requests, don't be shy to reach out and we'll see what we can do! Please email Robyn at info@tailgatemercantile.ca

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